Helping Tasmanian’s profit from their vacant land


Venturo is a Tasmanian owned property development company that specialises linking land owners with the correct approach to profiting from existing land holdings. Venturo operates on three levels - woking for you - working with you or simply buying from you.

Venturo approached BMS with a clear goal to ensure their first website was simplistic yet detailed enough to assist the three different audiences targeted.

After careful scoping, design tweaks and a mini digital strategy that encompasses a lead generator in the form of an e-book, BMS went about the design, build and content population for the new website as you see it today.

Some of the more notable elements in this project was BMS’s ability to adapt the offline collateral that was an e-book, brochure and other marketing material in a way that replicated the branding and ethos of the company and the website.

Post launch Google Analytics was installed and dashboard set up to monitor traffic, effective responses to the various calls to action and user interface challenges audiences may come across.

Barefoot Media Solutions also enlisted the assistance of Barefoot Photographer to document one of the current build projects in Kingston Tasmania. This mini project alone developed additional marketing images and staged photographs able to be used across web, print and even social.

The end strategy called for a robust CMS (Content Management System) that could allow for easy landing page creation. Landing pages allow for ad-hoc digital marketing to be easily and quickly created right from the CMS.

When Venturo partners with a real estate agent sell finished units or townhouses, additional digital marketing efforts can be undertaken from within the main CMS running the Venturo website. This aids analytics, user flows and design carry-over.

Challenges and Objectives

During the early discovery phase and competitor analysis it became clear Venturo had to communicate with three different audiences and each had a specific communication style and design requirement.

After careful competitor analysis and end user research BMS developed the wireframes and user flows for approval.

BMS went onto integrate the designs into a secure WordPress installation that would allow for user updates behind the scenes sans developer input.


Barefoot Media Solutions has provided digital strategy, design, development, WordPress customisations, User experience consultation, Image manipulation and incorporation, copy development and integration and back-end analytics integration and testing. BMS partnered with Barefoot Photographer to create a suite of images which could be used on this website but all future creative endeavours as well as all other offline printing requirements such as sales brochures, digital marketing and other marketing initiatives.



Having minimal exposure to the property development space, BMS entered into a journey of discovery
that clearly assisted in the end result. The competitor research alone was an interesting journey and
the learnings of which helped strengthen the digital strategy into the new 24 months.


“Jumping into the digital space was confusing, crowded and unclear.
When we spoke to BMS the road ahead was clarified, lead generation
for our industry understood and designs for both print and web exceeded
expectations. The team at BMS come highly recommended even if
you come to them with minimal digital experience.”

-Mr M Slater - Founder and CEO

Future Plans

Venturo and BMS has undertaken a soft launch to test the waters and see how the UI and UX will be
accepted. Each of the identified audiences operate, research and interact differently on websites so
careful monitoring over the coming months will allow us to test a number of end user theories.

Plans ahead include: Targeted SEO and SEM campaigns, Blogging and real estate promotions for
built units, automated reporting an eventually Video Business Cards or VBC’s.

BMS carries a very strict non-competing arrangement with any and all clients and as such we
may not be in a position to work with a similar property development company in Southern
Tasmania. However we are always open to discussing opportunities on a case by case basis.

If you are interested in getting your business to operate using a minimalistic approach built
around a solid digital strategy reach out to us and discuss your needs today.

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