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Digital Marketing support

APRIL 2018 saw a unique opportunity hit the desk of our sister company Barefoot Photographer. Out of the United States and Sydney came a flurry of requests, calls and induction sessions
- Hobart was about to launch and they needed creative support on the ground in Hobart Tasmania.

Naturally we jumped at the chance and worked diligently with the onboarding team to make the plan a reality.

Originally tasked with photography and editing according to strict style guides, Barefoot Photographer hit the streets using custom systems and digital solutions to recruit content and assist with bringing onboard new restaurants prior to one of the most significant Ubereats launches in Australia.

Barefoot Media Solutions then worked ongoing with a majority of the restaurants to continue their pathway to digital success.

Once all images were curated and submitted, BMS took over the client relationship and worked with the restaurants one on one to assist them in their digital marketing aspirations. From website design and consulting to social media marketing.

To date over 290 Hobart restaurants have joined the platform. As a result Barefoot Photographer and BMS have co-created over 4,000 digital ready assets that have gone onto the App, the restaurants own social and digital channels and yes even the back of buses in the greater Hobart area.

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How Our Solutions

Barefoot Photographer

Now it needs to be stated that BMS did not produce any of the digital tooling or creatives that run the main presentations.

Where BMS sat in, the picture, was the ongoing support to hospitality business owners that needed additional menu efforts, digital marketing, social media support, digital consulting and other related digital mentoring.

Some of these operators are incredible business owners and have amazing food offerings. Jumping onboard with was a relatively straightforward exercise, however managing ongoing social campaigns that kept growing and upping their marketing was often a skillset they wanted to bolster.

BMS spotted this opportunity early and has gone onto produce ongoing content, digital strategies and generalist consulting for over 2.5 years.

Onsite Photography

Aside from the standard photography bookings passed down to Barefoot Photographer, BMS managed the entire end-to-end relationship. Followed up with any pre-launch technical questions and managed other digital needs that fell outside of the UberEats model.

Additional ongoing support was offered by way of support packages as well as ad-hoc project to project opportunities such as window signs, digital and social campaigns, analytics interpretations and other marketing efforts such as logo creation and further onboarding.

Uber Eats Bag Shoot - Hobert

We eat with our eyes, so why risk
your next food orientated digital campaign
with poor execution and results?

One of the most amazing learnings derived from our relationship is the fact that attention to detail and beautiful creative content goes a long way.

Most food delivery providers in the same arena as , often rely on restaurant partners to upload their own photography. This has proved counter-intuitive.

Yes bringing in a marketing agency like BMS into the mix is an investment, however the benefits outweigh the effort and cost.

To provide a seamless process for restaurants, BMS worked with third-party file delivery solutions managed by . Restaurants were properly managed, briefed, content created and then uploaded.

Within hours if not days the restaurants had their offering professionally shot, described and uploaded to the platform.

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How BMS helped
restaurant partners ongoing

The above video is one short example of how rocking up to a photo shoot lead to other opportunities and experiences by BMS and the respective restaurant.

O-Grill in North Hobart commissioned a series of digital discovery discussions and BMS was then engaged to produce a short promo video showing some of the elements attached to their unique dining experience.

BMS worked with the business owner to draft, produce and edit the film shown above which was then shared to social media.

BMS was then able to report on results using digital analytics tracking and help discover the final ROI which in turn proved to very good when compared to other marketing activities.

So given our experience in the hospitality and food arena, why chance your digital success to anyone else?

Using the BMS model of discovery, execution and reporting helps many businesses in the food space to tell their unique story and stand out from all the other offerings.

Make contact with us today to discuss your current and future digital needs.