This project is exciting in that it's the second website built by us for the current CEO Tracy Currie. Her dedication
and passion for the indigenous space is strong and it's always a pleasure to work with any team headed up by her.

Our remit was simple - present as simple as possible a digital solution that all ages could interact with, associated
with and plan their needs with. Our early efforts involved developing a digital strategy that could be easily
understood by all stakeholders.

Notable efforts were made in producing a custom Events calendar and a form repository so incoming users could
easily find forms and download as and when needed. This aspect was something that took the administration
team a lot of time manage manually.

Barefoot Media solutions provided: digital strategy, discovery, branding, content creation, technical support and
photography using our sister company Barefoot Photographer.

From the early piece it was clear the website needed to simple to
navigate and each individual visitor needed to find what was
required as quickly as possible.

BMS spent countless effort during the early user testing phase to
ensure the targeted audiences could easily navigate the pages
and find what they were looking for.

In order to allay any additional effort by the admin team a custom made WordPress
solution was created so that internally the SETAC team only needed to create the
event once and then use the web to push out the information.

Callers to the main SETAC telephone line who were identified as experienced
internet users could be guided through to this page easily and additionally could be
left to manage their own bookings.

The BOOK NOW button also connected to third party booking platforms managed
by SETAC such as Eventbrite to aid in the management of public events.

Our branding efforts went onto help SETAC with offline collateral such as
business cards, car signs and related. Our team created a brand style guide
and outputted all the relevant logo types the organisation would even need.
This kept the brand uniform across the entire business.

The custom contact form we
envisaged would be critical
and as our early research
showed most users had little
in the way of internet usage
experience, so our team
ensured we had a simple
form created with easy to
navigate options and decent
functionality like one-touch
dial if users were on
a mobile phone



One of the many services offered was our custom on-site photography services.
In collaboration with our Sister Company Barefoot Photographer, BMS went about
creating a shoot list of ideal images that told a story, that was then shared with
photographers so that the ideal images were captured in as little as possible.

Don't just build a website and tick done on your marketing to-do
list. We believe partnering with Barefoot Media Solutions is a long
term proposition and we want to continue realising your digital
strategy now and into the future. Go on make the call today!