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As a sister company to Barefoot Media Solutions, Barefoot Photographer needed to step up it's digital footprint. Using the same client methodologies as all other BMS client work, Barefoot Photographer attended to strategy, early designs interpretations, StoryBrand discovery and Wordpress development.

The main messaging Barefoot Photographer needed was to ensure was clear was the fact that all clients owned the end digital files.

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Beautiful One Page

Barefoot Photographer

The Founding Strategy

BMS tested and researched client journeys, researched competitors websites, understood the targeted personas and went about creating a complete website revamp based on a digital strategy specifically written to suit the targeted audiences.

Barefoot Photographer

Responsive first was key to the founding strategy. Responsive is essentially how websites display on mobile devices. From extensive digital marketing history and Google Analytics reporting, it was clear Barefoot Photographer had the bulk of their audiences using mobile devices to view, interact and actually engage with the business.

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FAQ Section

Barefoot Photographer

FAQ's - Making it Easy For Visitors to answer their own questions..

From early research it was clear that the business spent a lot of time answering the same questions over and over again.

In the early discovery phase BMS monitored the impact these repeated communications were costing the business in early sales lead management.

Through careful user design and back end development, the dropdown concept was integrated into common messaging.

Users simply clicked on the + icon to read more and self-answer their own questions.

This integration has allowed for customers self-qualify and come to sales funnel already with a guide on how the business works, the costs and other miscellaneous notations.

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Barefoot Photographer

Simply Engaging Design

As a result of early discovery and strategy work it was resolved to ensure design and user interaction was simple, to the point and suited to both mobile devices and larger screens.

The site is cleverly dotted with plenty of easy to find CTA's (calls to action buttons) user engagement forms and other contact tooling.

Similar to the concept used by BMS, Barefoot Photographer has integrated a simple sales qualification process. This helps the sales funnel filter through the countless enquiries that come through and take up valuable time, each and every day.

Barefoot Photographer


With the onset of the digital age comes the need to integrate with a wealth of third party apps, sales funnel software, accounting systems and CRM's.

Barefoot Photographer used the development skill set of BMS to ensure all third party solutions, sales management platforms and end client portfolio management would work seamlessly and provide for the best user experience possible.

Imagine working smarter and not harder with your business to blend and connect all those third party digital solutions we all take for granted.

Don't just build a website and tick done on your marketing to-do list. We believe partnering with Barefoot Media Solutions is a long-term proposition and we want to continue realising your digital strategy now and into the future.

Get started by filling out our contact form and we can come back to you with a free discovery session.