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Criminal, Family and Conveyancing Law Experts


Bar Legal is a modern (cue digital savvy) legal firm in Perth Western Australia. During COVID the Bar Legal
team reached out to BMS to discuss incorporating the StoryBrand process into their new digital strategy.

If you are not already aware, BMS are huge fans of of the Donald Miller Inspired sales process
known as StoryBrand - go on get out there and read the book available here.

Storybrand is all about clarity and following a tried and proven process in digital that actually
brings incredible results, so much so that BMS has built their new website on the same model.

Bar Legal practices law in three different genres and a such each needed a different
approach and style.

Criminal, Family and Conveyancing just don’t usually mix well together so producing a
one stop website suited to all their offerings was always going to be a challenge.

At Barefoot Media Solutions our team of designers and UI/UX professionals set about
understanding what each of the different visitors needed from the website and the best
possible calls to action needed.

The net result is a clear entry point into the website that leads individuals according to
their need in law to be be presented. Each entry point not only qualifies the lead but also
lets the visitor navigate to a specific StoryBrand style presentation specific only to the
genre in question.

Working with the Bar Legal team has been fun, productive and has allowed BMS to explore
cutting edge approaches rarely seen in Australian web design and development.

Some of the more notable elements in this project was BMS’s ability to adapt the offline
collateral that was free legal guides and other related marketing material which could be
used as both lead generators but also offline printed items. An example was one of the
Criminal Law information sheets.

Allowing for a lead regenerator on your website meets the basis for the StoryBrand concept
and helps to build credibility in a noisy space such as the legal profession.

Post launch Google Analytics will be installed and dashboards set up to monitor traffic, effective
responses to the various calls to action and user interface challenges audiences may come across.

Barefoot Media Solutions also enlisted the assistance of Barefoot Photographer and Barefoot Filmmaker
to produce a first for the Legal Professiona in Wa - the VBC or Video Business Card. This VBC will put a
face to a name behind the Bar Legal team in order to quickly remove the stigma of the legal journey but
also provide additional calls to action and content for target specific digital marketing campaigns
including Facebook and Google Adwords.



From the early discovery point it was clear that a majority of
clients would be researching legal practitioners using mobile
devices. So BMS set about building the digital solution with
responsive/mobile in mind first, PC screen second.

Challenges and Objectives

During the early discovery phase and competitor analysis it became clear Bar Legal was going to enter into a very
busy arena. In order to cut through the noise if was clear a framework like StoryBrand was needed.

Additionally, and from the onset it was clear the average clients Bar Legal are typically the mums and dads in the
community so coming in too strong with old school thinking and designs simply add to the noise.

We are excited for this project, the effort to date and the potential for digital growth. Our plan to check regularly with
the custom Google Analytics setup to ensure we are meeting the founding digital strategy objectives.


Barefoot Media Solutions has provided digital strategy, design, development, WordPress customisations, User
experience consultation, Image manipulation and incorporation, copy development and integration and back-end
analytics integration and testing. BMS partnered with Barefoot Photographer and Barefoot Filmmaker to create a
suite of images and videos which could be used not only on this website but all future creative endeavours.

Latest Happenings


Keeping in Google's good books using approved development systems is critical. Bar
Legal's audiences also value fresh content and news specific to their genre. With this in
mind we have create a semi automated news feed which pulls stories of noteworthy
interest in the legal space so that visitors can find out more. This element also keeps
Google knowing Bar Legal has fresh revolving content.

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The net result is the equivalent of three distinct yet similar user journeys designed to work under the StoryBrand
model and originating from the one entry point. Quick qualification of the first time visitors backed up by a solid
StoryBrand strategy will surely deliver results beyond expectations.

Our approach is a little different and can’t wait to test any and all the UI hypothesis the identified users and their
activities once they hit the home page.


The legal digital space is crowded and we knew going into it
we needed a clear plan, a proven system and the right people to achieve
our goals. Barefoot Media Solutions met all these elements and more.
Their attention to detail, expertise and project management is second
to none. We can't wait for what's next.

-Mr Adrian Barbaro - Owner and Founder Bar Legal.

Future Plans

Bar Legal has developed a trusting working relationship with the BMS team and regular health checks
and planning sessions help us as a business to assist Bar Legal with cutting edge solutions and
marketing opportunities.

Plans ahead post launch include: targeted SEO and SEM, launching the first known legal Video
Business Card and working with modern digital marketing tools to not only grow awareness but also
increase website use and lead generation.

Bus carries a very strict non-competing arrangement with any and ll clients and as such we may not be in a position
to work with a similar property development company in Southern Tasmania. However we are always open to
discussing opportunities on a case by case basis.

If you are interested in getting your business to operate using a minimalistic approach built around a solid digital
strategy reach to us and discuss your needs today.

Reach out to us by filling in this form
or calling one of our team on 0419999053